The Festival ambassadors

Our Festival is loved and taken to the heart.

It is being sung and talked about.

Our Festival has its own ambassadors.

The ambassadors are those who sing, talk and carry it in the heart.

The criterion for choosing the Ambassador is the greatness and colorfulness of space which they take about the Festival in their heart.

In our heart is The Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš – honorable Ambassador of our Festival.

Ambassadors of the Festival are:

Marta Aroksalaši, the actress and director of Children theatre in Subotica
Sejfo Seferović, the actor from the City Theatre from Podgorica
Katarina Bogićević, young and talented artist form Podgorica
Danilo Baletic, the author of exhibition ”Transformers defend Podgorica“ from Podgorica
Dražen Milić, leader of the technical team of the Festival