The jury of the Festival 2017

Professional Jury of the Festival:

The expert jury of the sixth International festival of puppetry consists of:

Miroslav Radonjić, Serbia – President of the jury

He was born in 1936, in Uzice (Serbia). He graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and obtained the title of Master of Theatrology in 1972 at the Belgrade Faculty of Philology. During 1966 and 1967 he was on specialist studies at the Theater Institute in Budapest. On several occasions he went on study trips or as a member of international jury of theater festivals in Greece, Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Slovakia, Spain, Austria, Ukraine, Sweden and Russia.

During the working life he was the Secretary General of the most important theater festival in Yugoslavia, Sterija’s theater (Sterijino pozorje), the manager of the Youth Theater in Novi Sad and the museum advisor at the Theater Museum of Vojvodina. From 1976 to 1982 he was the General Secretary of the Yugoslav UNIMA Center. He is a member of the IATC (International Association of Theater Critics and Theatrologists) since 1970.

Since the founding of the International Children's Theater Festival in Subotica in 1994, he has been active not only as a theater critic and selector, but also as a long-standing member of the Council and the Jury, a participant in many scientific meetings and round tables, and a valuable journalist at the publishing activity of the Festival.

He is the author, editor and editor of numerous books in the field of theatrology. He has published over seven hundred and fifty studies, essays, reviews and articles from the history of theaters, theater and literary criticism, in more than eighty national and foreign newspapers, magazines and monographic studies. The texts were translated into English, French, Slovenian, Macedonian, Hungarian and Slovak.

He has received several awards and recognitions for contributing to theatrology and for improvement of theatrical art, including the Prize „Little Prince“ for Lifetime Achievement.

Mensura Vanja Popović, Montenegro – Member of the jury

She was born in Plav in 1948. She studied English and Italian. From 1972 to 1999 she was the director of the Children's Theater, later the City Theater in Podgorica. From 2000 to June 2011 she served as operative director at the City Theater. She has produced over 130 theater performances with which the Theater has participated in numerous festivals for children and adults in the country and abroad and has won numerous awards.

She is a winner of the Prize for the liberation of Podgorica and numerous other social recognitions. For 17 years, she was the main organizer and head of the „May's youth watch (Majska smotra mladih)“ (competition of all primary schools in various aspects of cultural creativity). From this aspect of amateur drama creativity, many important features of today's contemporary theater life have emerged.

She was initiator and performer of famous and recognized festivals and events both in Podgorica and Montenegro. (DEUS, the Podgorica Summer Festival, the Kotor Children's Theater Festival, the Blueberry Days in Plav, FIAT, the Golden Flute in Rožaje, Our Journey ... and so on), Member of the Theater Council of the City Theater from 2012.

She lives in Podgorica.

Dubravka Drakić, Montenegro – Member of the jury

She was born in 1976. She graduated at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Cetinje in 1999, in the class line at Prof. Bora Stjepanovic. She was a permanent member of the City Theater Ensemble from 1998 to 2014.She was head of the City Theater from 2008 to 2012.

Theater roles: City Theater Podgorica: „Novel of Love“; „Wives of King Vukasin“; „School for Women“; „Julia and Romeo“ (Countess); „Redhead“ (Redhead’s Mom); „Forever yours“ (Sofia); „Liars“ (Gronye); „Ulcinj’s Pirate“ (Lukrecija); „Foreplay in the Theater“ (Greta); „The Remaining Progress“ (Dara); „Unfriendly love effort“ (Knjeginja francuske) „Lukrecija iliti Ždero“ (Elena); „Glory of Glory“ (Florens Fosters Dzenkins); „Seven Days“ (Tanja) „Hormones“ (Mom); „Puss in Boots“ (Puss le Fjodor); „Guardians of Your Honor“. Montenegrin National Theater: „Konte Zanović“ (Zora); „Death Sins“ (Woman); „Petty bridal wedding” (Virgin mother); „Comedy Confusion“ (Luciana); „Hanjo“ (Jicko). Center for Culture Tivat: Penelopia (Penelope); „Karusel Jelena Savojska“ (Jelena Savojska); „Betula in the Small Wave“ (Djulsa); „Innominato“ (Kontesa Zmajevic); „Providence“. Royal Theater „Zetski dom“: „The Fourth Sister“ (Faith). Mmobil art: „Otomobil's Hike to Montenegro“ (Fifi).

Film: „In the Name of Father and Son“; „We are packing monkeys again“ (Dragica); „Atomic Right“; „A view from the Eiffel Tower“; „Red Dawn“; „Look at Me“ (Marija Petrovic); „Gorčilo“.

TV series: „Happy New Year“ (Milica); „Mixed marriage“; „Prime Minister“; „Budva on the foam of the sea“.

Awards: Award for the best female role for the best female role (Crvenkapa) - Children's Theater Festival Kotor; Award for the best role at Festić (Crvenkapa) -Festić Beograd; Annual Award of the Association of Drama Artists of Montenegro for 2000; Award of the expert jury for the best female role „Julia and Romeo“ –Kotor’s festival in 2003; Award „19. December ’’ for 2014, awarded by the capital city Podgorica; Award for partnership on the scene, Nikšić Theaters 2014.god.

Children's jury – The jury is „strengthened“ by the young colleagues who have gathered in the Children's Jury, which awards the best performance. The children's jury is made up of Podgorica's primary school children, most of them are members of acting school DC Club led by Davor Dragojević. Members are: Marija Jovićević, Milica Bulatović, Viktor Vukčević, Dina Nikolić, Ljubica Đurković, Jelena Boljević, Dara Stojanović, Viktor Dlabač, Adrijana Albijanić , Lucija Podlesnik, Dunja Prelević, Jan Luka Podlesnik, Maša Drašler, Đina Stojanović, Nemanja Bulatović, Lara Velimirović, Marija Adamović, Ksenija Babović, Mina Tomašević, Manja Dragojević, Ivan Đakonović, Jovana Magdelinić , Janja Ćetković and Ognjen Novosel.